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Welcome to the Knot Cypher Wiki

- a user group of the International Guild of Knot Tyers



Have you ever heard the phrase  - 'Left over right, right over left' or maybe ''The bunny comes up the hole, round the tree and back down the hole'?



If you have, then you will probably know that they are instructions to tie the Reef Knot and the Bowline Loopknot.  Once you have learnt how to tie these knots, the little phrases are handy to jog the memory and remind the tyer how to make that particular knot.  But if you havn't seen the knot before, how do you know its structure and how to tie it?


The best answer is - find someone who knows how to tie it and get them to show you first hand, it's the best method, because if you don't quite understand, you can stop and ask a question to clarify your understanding.


The second best is -  find a video of the knot being tied in demonstration, preferably with a spoken explanation.


The third best is - a picture or drawing, again preferably with added explanation.


But if you do not have access to pictures, videos or a personal trainer, then you are left with having to use words to describe the knot and how to make it, and that process is fraught with ambiguity and plain incomprehension made worse by some of the knotting terminology in use today.


The purpose then of this site is to develop unambiguous methods of communicating a knot structure using only language.


Today, at the beginning of 2008, two methods are under development.  They are:-



Interested in the challenge?  If so, then sign in to PBWiki to become a PBWiki user, then post your contact details in the comments and we will give you your access codes to become a contributor.


Use the latest Windows program to easily draw knot diagrams, auto create the cypher strings, save the cyphers to a small text file for easy exchange or load in cypher files to auto re-create the knot diagrams.



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