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ABoK WikiIndex

Page history last edited by Peter W Hennessey 15 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to The Improved ABOK Index.


This wiki lists entries in the Ashley Book Of Knots by Name and Entry Number (#number).

Citations of the knot are listed on their own pages as follows:

Knot Name #number

Primary forms including odd or trick tyings that result in the same knot: #no.

Secondary forms e.g. double sheet bend, weavers knot etc: #no.

Practical applications: #no.

References in other entries: #no.

References in the general text: Page no. & Top, Middle, Bottom. : pxxt


Click on the name of the knot below or use the search function on upper right of page to see the full list of citations for each knot :




Bowline ; Reef or Square knot ; Sheet bend ; Clove Hitch


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